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The people of our region come from 115 different ethnic backgrounds, speaking 84 languages; the RUN Festival aims to reach all people and unite us as one.

The festival will kick off with night markets and cultural performances including; dancers, musicians, culture groups, youth groups and an inspiring word to unit our many nations. The festival will culminate with fireworks.




The R.U.N Multicultural Festival (Reaching Unto Nations) began in 2014. In the very beginning it was a two-day event that started from a hall. Due to the festivals success we decided to move the event to the Robelle Domain Central Park in 2015. Since then, the R.U.N Multicultural Event has grown drastically with the involvement of different cultures covering the whole of Ipswich City.




The Festival is a celebration that promotes equality of opportunity, maintaining social cohesion, building social capital and minimising social exclusion for culturally and linguistically diverse Ipswichans




The R.U.N Multicultural Festival provides an opportunity for all Ipswichans from all walks of life to participate in a celebration of cultural diversity and social inclusion, be it through performing, sponsorship, volunteering or as a stallholder.

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