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Leaders: Pastor Luti Kubunameca, Lydia Schuster, I'arna Pio, Grace Kubunameca. 


kids zone Vision

KIDS ZONE is first and foremost a place where the children want to be!

The children experience the extraordinary, extravagant love of God and they have lots of fun while doing so.

The time the children spend in KIDS ZONE is both relevant for their lives now and be solid, foundational preparation for their futures. It will help them to be prepared to make a natural transition into adult church.

It is a place where, in community with others, they feel safe and valued and can discover and celebrate who God has made them to be.


Their gifts and talents are encouraged and opportunities given for them to grow and to serve in the Kingdom of God. Through worship, prayer, bible teachings and arts and crafts they enjoy the awesome presence of God and ‘taste and see’ that He is good, developing an appetite for more!


kids zone Values

  • To have the best time

  • To learn to love the Word of God

  • To be individually Inspired

  • To be safe and happy


Parents are primarily responsible for their children’s spiritual growth and at Divine Ministries we believe our children’s ministry to be an excellent support for, and close partnership with parents.

As someone once said ‘it is better to build strong children, than to repair broken men’

Divine Ministries KIDS ZONE is a place where ‘building’ and ‘growing’ takes place.

Every Sunday @ 4pm

315 Archerfield Rd, Richlands (Unit 21)

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